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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

Park Lane, Cheshunt, Herts EN7 6LR
Tel: 01992 635060      Fax: 01992 625215

Headteacher: Mrs Y Devereux

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Parents' Information

Free School Meals

If you are eligible for Free School Meals you can apply online at or by phoning the Customer Service Centre on 01438 737370 or 01923 471370.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

pdf icon St Paul's SEN Information Report (318KB)

This is the first draft of our school offer - please help us and work with us to improve.

New National Curriculum from September 2014

Our aim is to provide a curriculum which

  • is exciting, challenging and inspiring
  • has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills
  • is broad and balanced
  • supports our Catholic values and purpose
  • meets the needs of every child through setting suitable learning challenges, overcoming any potential barriers to learning, responding to each child's needs and continually assessing a child's learning
  • develops independent and engaged learners.

Our curriculum is a theme based curriculum with classes studying a different theme every half term. English, history, geography, art, design and technology, music, computing, PE, science and PSHE are linked to the theme. Links are also made with maths whenever possible, but this subject is usually taught separately to ensure full coverage of all the skills and knowledge required. RE is taught separately using the 'Come and See' scheme but again links are made to the theme whenever it is possible.

For further information about the areas your child will be studying each term, please go to the Classes page on the website and click on your child's class.

Promoting British Values

The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy and these values have been reiterated by the Prime Minister this year. Please click on the link below to see how these values are reinforced regularly at St Paul's.

pdf icon Teaching British Values (190KB)